NACLO 2023 @ Georgetown University

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The Georgetown University Department of Linguistics sponsors a test site for the yearly North American Computational Linguistics Open Competition (NACLO), a nation-wide problem solving contest for high school students. Students are given problems to solve related to language, logic, and computer scienceproblems that are both difficult and fun!

To register, please visit the official NACLO website.

Georgetown Test Site Information (2023)

Location within Campus: Poulton Hall, Room 230

Both the Open round and the Invitational round contest will be held in Poulton Hall, Room 230 (the second floor of Poulton Hall, aka. the big conference room). Please find more information about Poulton Hall through the University's interactive campus map here. The address is 1421 37th Street N.W, Washington, DC, 20007. Once inside the building, please take the stairs to the 2nd floor where the Department of Linguistics is located. First turn right and then turn left, and then walk along the wall until you see the first room on your right.

The 2023 NACLO Open Round

The 2023 NACLO Invitational Round

Georgetown University's COVID 19 Protocols and Visitor Guidelines

The Georgetown Test Site is subject to the University's Event and Visitor Guidelines. In the event that the Georgetown site is unable to host NACLO 2023 anymore due to COVID restrictions on campus, we will inform the registered participants and work with the NACLO 2023 Organizing Committee to relocate participants registered at the Georgetown site.

All participants of NACLO 2023 who wish to register for and attend the Georgetown University site must follow and comply with the University's most updated protocol and public health guidelines. The protocols and guidelines will be updated accordingly given the public health guidance from the CDC and the DC Department of Health, and in such cases, registered participants need to comply with the updated protocols and guidelines.

As of January 19 2023, participants are required to comply with the following, according to the University’s protocol for verifying their vaccination status (as outlined here):

Please refer to the following links for the most up-to-date information and/or if you have any questions:


Parking is available on Georgetown's campus for a fee ($25 for whole day) via the Canal Road entrance. More information is available through the Office of Facilities Management's website.

Street parking is possible but is limited in duration (two hours). The Metropolitan Police actively tickets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I take the test at a different time?
No. Because this is a nation-wide contest, students must take the test during the national test rounds to protect test integrity.


If any concerns have not been answered here, please contact Janet Liu at [yl 879 ahht georgetown dawt edu]. (Replace "ahht" with an @, "dawt" with a . character. Remove all spaces as well.)